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Bradley Moody
Born in Hawaii
29 years
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Friend Missing you April 8, 2009



Friend To the Moodys April 8, 2009

Brad it has been only 6 months and now you are joined by you Dad! What a time here on earth for your family.

Brad you are still so missed and now that you your Dad is with you, you both will have to watch over the rest of the family and give them strength. What a beautiful family and we all ask WHY?

The only answer I can possibly think of "God has a plan that we don't know and I guess we are not supposed to".

It doesn't make it much easier though for us here because we still miss you - Our faith will have to carry us until we all see you, your Dad and Jamie together again at a Seahawks game, see you with your kids and wife again and just be able to see the whole Moody family together again!

Prayers every day are going out to you two up there and for all the family still here, that their pain may be eased with time and that they may remember the time they had with you and all the blessings they still have. RIP and watch over! 

a citizen 3 more April 4, 2009

Another deadly shooting. Three brave police officers just lost their lives today in Pittsburgh, Pa .


Officer Bradley Moody, 


I know officers Eric Kelly, Stephen Mayhle and Paul Sciullo III are up there with you now.

Please know that  great loss and pain is felt by your loved ones, friends and colleagues, but this pain is also felt in the hearts of countless number of citizens who are grateful for everything that  the Police is doing to make the world a better place !

Marcy OPD Mom April 3, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with the Moody family tonight.  Brad, I know you've welcomed your dad, and the OPD officers. Send your family strength to cope, and please continue to watch over all your brothers and sisters in blue!
a friend ****** March 31, 2009
Susan, I'm shocked that Brad's dad passed away. I'm at a loss for words. Just know that you and your girls are in my prayers every night. Also, God bless you for wanting to be there for the OPD families.
Old Friend sending my sympathy March 30, 2009
I often come to this site to check in and see how the Moody family is doing!  When I read Susan's post this morning I just could not believe it.  My heart sank.  I am sooo saddened about the news that Jim had passed. Such a wonderful family has taken another hard hit. My deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of the Moodys.  I have not stopped praying for the strength of the family since Brad passed and I will continue to pray double for the family.  God Bless you!
Michele McClelland Rust Old Friend March 25, 2009

I was just searching for people that I knew in school and I saw this site.  I knew Bradley when I lived at Travis A.F.B.  He was my next door neighbor, we shared a driveway.  It made me sick to my stomach to see this.  I am so sorry for your family.  I can't even imagine what it is like to lose someone that way.  I have looked at everything on this site and it looks like Bradley turned out to be a wonderful man and father.  He was always a good friend, son and brother.  My heart goes out to all of you.  I have  not talked to any of you in years but I think about you guys and seeing this makes me wish we had kept in touch so I could have been there for you!  Susan, I can tell that you and Brad loved each other very much!  Your girls are beautiful and he will always be your hearts.  Please know that all of you are in my toughts and prayers!!      

Aaron Cristofani With love and honor March 23, 2009



We spent part of the day with Susan and the girls. They are so cute and remind me of you in so many ways. They both have that big goofy smile that can make anyone smile as well. You are always going to be missed and loved. I also want to tell you that it looks like I will be joining the Air Force and I want to be a K-9 handler for their Security Services divsion.


With love and honor,


D.J. Thomas KCSD Explorer March 23, 2009
HI Susan I just wanted to thank you and your husband so much and let you know that your husband is a true hero because one of the four people that are still living today Happens to be one of my close Uncles Bradley Scott Mowdy. Words can not express how much we do thank you. In our eyes Bradley was a hero he's our hero even though we didn't know him he will always be in our hearts and in our lives and every time i look at my uncle i know it's because of your husband. We prayed continuosly and we know that god awnsered our prayers and with the names being so similar with your husband and my uncle we knew it couldnt be anything but gods awnsers to our prayers. My Uncle will be one of those honored to meet you at the Donors luncheon,i wish that we all could be there to meet you also and to give you a big hug ,and were praying for you that god may comfort you and your time of heart break and grief, and we think of you and your family everyday. Im sure that bradley is looking down on you and is very proud of you for being so strong.

D.J. Thomas/Shelly Mowdy/Mowdy family
Sad RPD Wife Need your strength.... March 22, 2009
Brad.... I am coming to you today for strength.  Something I know I ask from you a lot.  The tragedy in Oakland is just so unthinkable and horrible.  Us police families have had a rough time since you were taken from us.  We need you here, and since you cant be, we need to know you are going to take the new members of your heavenly police dept under your wing.  Comfort us all, but especially the families and children who have lost thier father.  And please, continue to keep your brothers and sisters at RPD safe.  We just all love you so much.
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