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Bradley Moody
Born in Hawaii
29 years
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Family Tree
Bradley...your liver recipient
Michael...your lung recipient
Michael...your pancreas recipient
Brad-  6 months ago today several lives changed.  For those of us who knew you, it was the final time we saw your body in the flesh.  We had to accept that you were no longer with us and that you had transitioned  onto your final journey.  For five other people, it was the gift of a stranger that completely changed their lives.  Five human beings that you never knew were given a second chance at life.  These people were so sick their bodies were shutting down and time was of the essence.  Although we were so heartbroken with losing you, we found solace in knowing your gift of organ donation would in the end be a final tribute so worthy and honorable.  We cried countless tears but found hope in knowing that you would live on in the bodies of those you helped.
  Saturday we drove down to Hayward with Susan and your family.  We had the most wonderful opportunity to meet three of your organ recipients.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel coming into this as I knew the day was already going to be so hard after loosing your Dad but I knew we all needed to be strong for both Susan, your Mom and your family.  Like Susan told you, Michael the lung recipient was first.  I captured every moment and emotion of Susan and your mom meeting this wonderful man.  Seeing Susan hug him so tightly and place her ear so gently on his chest I knew you were there with her.  Every breath that man takes is because of you.  He was so amazing.  Telling us about his struggles with lung disease and how it had disabled him for almost 2 years.  The man that used to run marathons was bedridden…forced to use oxygen and stay inside.  What kind of life is that?  Your lungs have completely given this wonderful man a chance to live again!  I finally made my way to him and introduced myself.  I couldn't believe how much emotion took over me.  I hugged him myself and just listened to him breathe in and out and cried.  I told him stories of you and your athletic gift of running and jumping and how lucky he was to have your lungs.  I told him of the time you ran and passed all of us chasing some D-boy over on 5th and Mac.  I called you the "albino cheetah" and as usual you flashed your million dollar smile and said "fo sho!"  Michael told me if he ever had to chase someone down he felt confident he would succeed because of you. 
  We met Bradley the liver recipient who shared with us his painful pictures of life with jaundice from his liver failure.  A quiet and gracious man who was so thankful for your gift.  His family was there with him.  They too were so thankful that they had the opportunity to share more moments and memories with their loved one.  I told Bradley that if he was able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage the first drink he had to have was a Coors Light in honor of you.  He told me he hasn’t drank in 20 years.  I told him to one day just buy a Coors Light and toast you and keep the can somewhere to remember you with.  He chuckled and said he could do that!
 Finally we met Michael the pancreas recipient.  He and his family were patiently waiting to meet Susan and your family.  He has two kids almost the same ages as the girls and boy oh boy are they cuties!  He told me he has had diabetes for the last 18 years of his life.  Before he received your pancreas he had a kidney transplant.  He had been dealing with health issues for many years and your pancreas allowed him to become diabetes free!  Can you imagine going to sleep one night with a disease and then wake up without it?  He and his family were such wonderful people and his son Jordan was such a police enthusiast!  Michael told me that Jordan tells everyone, "A police officer saved my daddy!!!"  How special is that?  And to boot…. he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.  I knelt down and told him,  “Because of that special police officer, your daddy will be able to see you grow up and become one someday.” 
 It was such an amazing day to be there with the other families with whom we had shared a common bond with.  Sadly, we were all there because someone we loved and cherished passed away.  As hard as it was seeing the slide show with all the pictures of this years donors there was a sense of pride and selflessness.  110,000 people right now are on the waiting list for organ transplants. For some of them, they will die and never receive the second chance they have been waiting for.  To Susan and the Moody family...thank you for your final gift of life to those in need.  Your decision was not easy and without pain but seeing both Michaels and Bradley alive today because of Brad’s final gift hopefully gave you an overwhelming sense of love that can help you in your healing process.  Brad's life force is living in the bodies of those he helped and is ALWAYS in the hearts of those of us who knew and loved him.  His legacy as a hero is two fold: First, as the police officer he was in keeping the streets safe and second, as the hero who gave a second chance to those who may have not had much more time. 
 I felt you today in a way that can not be described. All I know is that I was so honored to be with your family on such a special day. I loved my nametag as it so proudly said “Bradley’s Friend”  on it. You are so missed and not a day goes by where you are not fondly thought of and remembered. Thank you so much for your friendship and guidance when I was in need. Look down fondly on us and keep us safe.  I miss you…

For 6 months I have not been able to write here.  Me at a loss for words????  I remember how many times in your patrol car you slowly turned towards me with that great smirk and the look that said "SHUT UP".  Brother, your family has suffered another great loss.  It's your turn to show your dad around. 


At work, I still tell our stories about ride-alongs and testimony.  The DA's and cops ask if we really did those things together.  I smile at your abilites and miss you terribly.  There were great times, when I was in the helicopter and directed you into the porch, when you testified your first two times as an expert two days in a row and Judge thought you had been an expert for years, "Is Mexico south of Richmond?", taking bites from Rico at the Corp yard while gassing up, "thats not Crack thats a tooth, Crack don't bleed".  When you would call me at 1 am to ask if you with a "hypthetical".  You were phenominal. 


But you were more then a good cop, you were a great dad and husband.  I remember you checking in with Susan just to hear her voice and know there were good things still in this world.  As a dad we stopped the beer and burgers cause the kids needed you, what better reason? 


A great son and brother.  The pride you talked about in how much you loved your parents, brother and sister.  Those conversations are still private.


Metro, as a professional you were and are the best.  You let me move the tape back and taught me how it really was on the streets.  I must have a 100 stories and they are all priceless.  Rico at the hospital, your arm after K9 school, 4th and Mac, TK, your amazing memory of people, places and things, your pride in Rico.  Everyday I use something we worked on together in my cases and I always remember WE worked on it together.  I have been told my expert script is used in 7 counties, thanks dude.  Funk said it the best and was perfect, I won't even try.  That training seminar is coming together, and guess who it will be dedicated to?  Everyone should be so lucky to have someone as skilled as you to work with. 


But Dude, most of all I remember you as my best friend.  We talked about buying land to build your german castle and my roman villa.  How many hours did we spend planning that out?  The late hours, talking about our families, careers and stuff are some of my best memories.  4th of July and the Dixon FD.  I remember meeting you when I was riding with Eric and thinking what a kid.  Five years later on Our last ride together you could have gone after those two shooters into that North block alone at 0200, but I remember most of all that you stopped and waited for everyone to get there.  When I asked why, you told me cause of family.   I'll tell you again, it was at that moment that I knew you were going to be the Best. 


Brother, We miss you.  You are Loved.  Your big goof-ball smile is missed cause you were always able to rise above it, a rare quality  Dude, words cannot even start to describe the bond of brotherhood others had with you.  But we all thank you for extending that friendship and making us better people.  Your friendship left an indelible stain that makes us special becasue we were lucky enough to call you a Friend.


Brother, show you dad around.  Catch some old SeaHawk games.  Have a Coors Light.  And Always remember you did good by your friends and family.


Later Dude.

hey is april 5th....
I put our daugthers to sleep tonight...and I just sat on the couch...missing you so much!!!  The house was quiet, I barried my head in the pillow so that I wouldnt wake the girls and cried my eyes out.  I miss everything about you.  I miss being able to call you when Ive had a rough day..and have you cheer me up--or give me your famous pep talk "Suze.... Water off a ducks back!!!!! Dont let things bother you"!!!  You truly were the best ever at getting me out of my funk--you knew me sooo well!!!  I guess now that your gone, I need to learn to do that on my own.  Can you help me out with this one struggling so much with that.
I miss calling you when the girls do something cute or funny.  I miss seeing you dance with the girls...I miss watching you play with the girls...I miss watching you hold them...or tickle them or sing to them!  Oh what I would give for just one more moment with you....I wish that our girls could have one more moment with you!!!  I hurt for them so much!!!!
It's sooo hard to believe that its been six months Bradley!!!  Six months since I looked into your eyes and kissed you good night!!! Six months since our babies saw their daddy!!!  I wish you could come home to us!!!  Oh how I wish for that EVERY second of every day!!!
I love you Moody---please watch over us!!!!
Susan are such a true HERO!!! Honestly!!!!  Today we met three people who are living because of YOU ...You truly saved their lives!!! OMG--it was THE most touching day of my entire 29 years of life!!! 
The first person that we met was the lung recipient, Michael.  When the donor network told me that he was 6’8… the minute this man walked through the doors… my eyes filled up with tears—I knew it was him, there aren’t very many man walking around at 6’8.  I couldn’t wait till the moment that I could hug this man and feel your lungs inside him!! When he came up to your mom and I…I felt you around me. I felt that you were there with me in some way telling me to embrace this man—because you were living inside him.  I asked Michael if I could hug him and touch his lungs….He said “you can hug me for as long as you want” He said … “take your time” (as we were both crying…I said to him... “Thank you” ….I didn’t want to let go!!!)  We then got to meet the rest of his family….Wow—they are all very amazing people baby…and so grateful for the gift that you gave them…
Shortly after we meet the liver recipient, (which we all know the name from a posting from his nephew on this website)…Bradley Mowdy!!  Again… all the emotions came right back.  Meeting this man, who not only has your liver inside his body---his name is one letter off from yours baby!!! So we hug….and he thanks me…and I thank him for coming….and I start crying ---(and my blonde moment comes thru)….Sorry babe, I know that I have only known him for like 2 minutes—and I am already showing him my true blonde side.  So, I ask him…”would you mind if I touch your liver?”  and he said “of course you can”… I then said (you ready for this)…. “where is it”!!!! Haaa haaa….. In my defense—I didn’t want to start touching this man in any place BUT your liver babe!!!  I know you would’ve been making fun of me for that one!!! J   Anyways, his family too—were the nicest, most sincere people and also truly grateful for the gift that you gave them.  They bought the girls there very first princess jewelry box that plays music!!!  (the girls LOVED them)  and when they opened them up….I had them call and thank the Mowdy family on the phone!!!
Right after the ceremony…we met the final recipient, Michael.   The same emotions I had with the first two men…I had with him.  Its just an amazing feeling being able to look at these men eye to eye…and know that they are living because of you!!!  What a true gift that you gave. 
These three families were all so amazing and grateful … and also very symmetric to what we are going thru.  The loss of you---such a wonderful young man!!!  I can honestly sit here and say that I truly didn’t know how important organ donation was until today.  It was such a bitter sweet feeling!!!  An amazing feeling knowing that these men can go home to their families everyday now—because of you….But such a sad feeling---because you can’t come home to me and the girls!!!
Every day that passes, I miss you more and more—but today, I felt like I spent the day with you!  Thank you for this gift you gave…because now, I feel like you are still here with us!!!!  I love you Bradley….with all my heart!!!!





Take good care of your father and our brothers from Oakland. Give Hege a hug for me. 


Here I sit again... at a loss for words.  Bradley--when your sister called me today with the horrible news that your dad passed away...I didnt know what to do.  I wish that there was something that I could do for your mom!! I feel helpless--cause I know half of the pain she is now going through.  I can't imagine how she feels loosing her son and her husband less than six months from eachother.  Everyone gathered at their house today....your co workers Bradley are just amazing!!!  It's AMAZING how everyone just pulls together--and just knows what to do.  Since day one of loosing you...We couldnt have done it without the pd's love and support!!!  So... Thank you... to all of you that have been there to support the Moody family over the last almost six months!!  All the phone calls, texts, posts on this site....and the love and support is what this family needs the most right now. 
Bradley--I know you were right there this morning welcoming your dad... you guys can now be together--and start builidng us that castle!!!!! 

I love you baby...


Hey Bradley.... Another Saturday is here.... 25 weeks!!!!!  I miss you so much hurts!!!!

So, yesterday was the funeral for the four Oakland PD officers!!!  Wow--it was a really amazing funeral... they honored those four outstanding men so well!!!!!  Although, all I could think about was the day of your funeral (Im sure that's a normal thing, being that its still so fresh!!). 

Starting off in the morning at 0 dark 30... Kim Ney picked me up... and then all the Richmond wives (bless thrie hearts) took me under their wing--and let me come with them. We all met at Mitch's house and drove down to the pd together.  As the Richmond officers got there..they all lined up in two rows right out side of the station....all I could think about was the day of your funeral...watching them line up at the funeral home in Vacaville!!!!  It was hard to watch them do it all over again...alllll tooooo soon!!!!!! Then the percession... with all the lights on--ummm, yeah---again brought me back to the time we lost you.  It's such a breathtaking thing seen a pack of police cars alll in one line driving down the freeway---with all their lights on....Too bad, it's always for something sad!!!  When we got to Oakland...there were so many people there... made me feel good after all the negivitive press about this horrible situation.... The WHOLE entire arena was filled...with an over flow at the colliesum.  Over 20,000 police officers and other people were there...truly respectful!!!!

During the was hard looking down at the four caskets just sitting there... so very sad that this had to happen!!! What a tragic event... I feel so very bad for all the families and the Oakland police--But you know what babe--just like your funeral...they honored these men perfectly!!! They got their bells and whistles too!

I think that the hardest thing for me to watch was the folding of the flags....and then watching the chief hand over the folded up flags to the wives....and parents.  I remember my heart sank when your chief handed me your flag.  Just like the Carrie Underwood song baby..... "and then they handed her a folded up flag....and she held on to all she had left of him... oh and what could've been!!"  Cause that's soooo true.  At that moment, that's all I felt like I had left of you. 
So...when they were doing this yesterday--- I lost it... and couldnt catch my breath!!!!  Angie Stonebraker and Shelley Peixoto both started rubbing my back... and I felt safe again!!!  Thank you ladies!!!!  Afterwards Kim Ney, Angie Shelley and I went out to have lunch... it was nice--and we actually had fun!!! I enjoyed talking to them.. I cant thank you all enough for still letting be apart of the Richmond wives!!!!

Anywho babe,,, Please take these new fallen officers under your wing--show them the new streets....And please give the new families all the love and support you have given to me.  Please give the Oakland officers the strength to move through each day... AND PLEASE watch over all your brother and sisters in blue!!!!

I love you baby!!!!


Matthew 5:9   Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are the sons of God


I miss you Brad- Please look after the OPD officers and their families as they need strength. 

Hey, thanks for coming to me last night in my dreams again babe....It was really short--I just saw your truck parked outside Marys pizza shack....I went in...and you were sitting alone--eating.  For some reason, I sat across the restaurant just watching you ... Bradley--it was sooo nice to see you...moving!!! I miss you to pieces!!!!  Please watch over us....
Todd Kaiser

I know you knew about the OPD officers before we did Brad, so you hook up with those guys and roll hard up there and keep an eye on us.


Miss you bad bro.




4 OPD Officers were killed on Saturday.  Hook up with these guys and show them the ropes up there.  You got new beat partners.  


We miss you brother, everyday.  


Rood #1305


Oh's happned once again!!!!  Yet this time---the tragic event was times four....four lives were taken today, Saturday March 21st..Three sgts and one officer shot and killed!!!   WHY????!!!!  Why does this stuff keep happening!! My heart goes out to all four of those officers families...And of course to the Police department!!!  Baby, this is my time to help. I am going to help these families in everyway that I can.  If I can help and just do half of what was done for me when I lost you...I will feel good about myself!!!  My heart is breaking for their families.  24 weeks ago...I was in their shoes--and I know what they are feeling....I wish that I could take all of thier pain away....

Baby--You have helped me and given me so much of my strength in these last 24 weeks....will you please pass that on to their families and to the men and women at the police department...I know they are hurting right now--they are gonna need your help!!!!  Thank you Bradley--I love you!

BABE!!!!!   Okay, so today---my best friend got engaged!!!!!!  I have been waiting for this day for such a long time---you and I talked about it so many times!!! I am so glad that you were able to meet him!!!  I just wish you were here for it though---I am so excited for her right now...I wish she lived closer---But I will be taking many trips down there!!!!  She asked me to be her maid of honor!! I am soooooo honored!!!  All I keep saying is OMG!!!!  And the funny thing is---when Vince asked her...all she could say was OMG!!!!  They havent picked a date yet---but sometime next year!!!!  I am soooo happy right now baby....this is what I needed---GOOD NEWS!!!  You wanna hear something really funny too..she was wearing your Bradley Moody fear no felon in memeory shirt!!!!!  I love it--so you were there with them when she got engaged!!!!  Thank you baby!!!!!!  You are always in the right place at the right time!! I love you!!!
CCCSO Dispatcher


My husband is a Sheriff's Deputy, and I am a Dispatcher.  I feel as though I can relate to you in many ways.  I often visit this site and offer my prayers to you, your girls, all of Brad's family and friends.  I am so sorry that this had to happen to such an amazing person. 

God has work for Bradley to do in heaven, that we will not be aware of until we can join him.  This is how I care to think about the recipient of his heart.  He had such a big heart, full of so much love.  And I am sure the recipient felt that, as did his family.  But like Bradley, he is serving a higher purpose.  God needed him too, and Brad's heart! 

I can only imagine the loss you feel, and are again feeling with this latest news.  I wish there was something I could do or say to alleviate some of the pain.  Know that you have a huge family of people who think about you daily and pray for you and your girls.  We love you and would do anything to ease your pain.  My heart goes out to you...

I don’t know even how to start with this one….
Today March 17th, I got some horrible news… that brought my emotions back to the day that I found out you were killed babe!!!  I talked to the donor network…. And they were telling me about all the organ recipients that we were going to be able to meet in a couple weeks at the donor luncheon.  She said that the liver, pancreas, and lung recipients were going to be able to make it and that they were really looking forward to meeting us—and thanking us for Bradley’s gift.  She then went on to say that “sadly enough the heart patient didn’t make and died….back in January”.  When those words came out of her mouth---my whole body went into shock mode—and I lost it.  I had the same horrible, sick feeling that I had in my body when I first found out about your accident.  It was like another part of me died again today…. Its like you died all over again Bradley.  I had a level of comfort knowing that your heart was living on...beating in someone’s body….and now—that comfort is gone! I feel so very sorry for that mans family… cause I know the pain they must be feeling.   After I hung up the phone… I was hysterical… the girls were in the play room and they heard me—so they came in and asked if I was okay.  I quickly had to pull myself together and I just told myself—that you didn’t really die all over again…
I put the girls down for their nap several minutes later… and just went into panic mode again… freaking out feeling lost and not knowing what to do.  I know that you gave this man the gift to live for almost three more months…but that still didn’t make me feel better.  Jen told me that Michelle said that at least now this man came thank Bradley for giving him the three extra months with his family.  And that makes sense. ..I just hope that you and him can be bonded up there for forever!!!!
I had to really reason with myself … I mean—you did save four other lives, and we get the wonderful opportunity to meet them in a couple weeks. Its going to be an amazing feeling of honor to look at these people eye to eye…and know that they are living because of you—because you are a hero!!!  I need to learn to be grateful for what we have….not focus on the negative…but how do I do that when I don’t have you by my side.  Bradley, losing you has been so very hard to adapt to.  I try my hardest on a daily basis…. On a minute by minute basis—to keep telling myself that you will always be with us in some way, everyday. If the only way to avoid the pain is to have never met the person, then the pain is worth the memories. 
I have talked to a lot of people about this horrible news today… and really---thank you all for all your love and support and your kind uplifting words!!!  I know that this is a rough time for everyone…and we just need to lean on each other, like we are doing, to get through this.  I just know that Bradley is looking down on us – feeling very proud of us, on how we have all pulled together during this tragic time.  During the time that Bradley was here with us … he taught us all something…how to be better people!  I know that we are all better people for knowing him.  Lets continue to make him proud of us everyday!!!!
Well....I sit here again--on another Saturday morning (march 14th)'s 7:50!!  My stomach is in knots--because all I can think about is 23 weeks ago you were alive at this time.  You were probably just leaving line up to get to your go help your partner.  That’s what you helped people, you put your life on the line...and ultimately gave your life...
Yesterday was a really rough day for me.  Bradley--every day is hard.  Fridays make me REALLY sad, because it was the last day of the week that we shared together.  I will NEVER forget October 3rd for as along as I live.  It was such an amazing night, from the moment you walked in...hearing the girls yelling from the bath .... "DADDYS HOME!!!!!"  to you putting both girls to bed by yourself (brad, you never did that before...why did you do it that night,,,, did you know something????)   .... to laying on the couch with  you for hours, and then going to bed for the night...I replay that day over and over in my head a million times a day.  Then, of course---I hate Saturdays, it was the day that you were taken from us--755am. I also relive that day over and over in my head throughout the day.   Sundays also are not so was the day that the doctors officially declared you brain dead 405pm--.....Monday was the day that I went to the crash site, where your life was taken.  I sat there at the pole--beating it, kicking it and beating it more--giving myself a nice big black and blue bruise from my pinkie finger to my wrist. Tuesdays also are rough...Tuesday morning was the last time that I got to hold your hand..245am.  I remember when the nurse came in and asked me if I wanted to lay in bed with you.  I laid in bed with you from 119am to 232am.  I actually fell asleep with you, my head on your chest hearing your heart beat. I think I slept from 2am to was my last sleep that I felt you--God this is so hard!!!!!!  Then the moment that I had to let go of your hand for the last time in the hallway right outside the surgery room.... I knew that they had to take you in--but my body just wouldn’t let go....How do you let go of your husbands warm hand for the last time???  I miss holding you Bradley---God I wish that this didn’t have to happen to you!!!  That leaves me with Wednesdays and Thursdays....2 days that I don’t have something that I relate to losing you....BUT the fact that your not here on those days make them hard as well!!!  Every Wednesday I have counseling...
Thursdays I just try my hardest to be positive...because I know that I have another rough week ahead....
So….last night I had a dream—and you were there.  It was really rough.  It was like we went through the four days with you in the hospital…and then we all came home, and you were here—alive.  I kept asking  you, “how are you here”….and you said that right before the doctors were going to do your surgery…you sat up on the bed—and said “I’m okay…don’t take my organs…let me go home to my family”.  I cant remember much of the dream—but you were here, and that’s all that mattered…so thank you!!!  I know that the only way that we are going to be together is in my dreams…so please Bradley—come visit me whenever you can!!!! I love you


Hey Brad.... So it's been almost a week now.... I fell down the stairs at home and had to go to the doctors.... So as my doctor was examining me I was having contractions... Oh wait.. Have I told you yet bro that I am preggers... Anyway.. My doctor had me admitted into the hospital... and yes John Muir..... I had texted Suzy Q to let her know I was in the hospital but she kept asking me was there anything she could do for me and all I could say is pray.. and that I wish it was my due date... as the doctors ran tests on me and had to take me to different areas of the hospital... I got chills because the last time I had been to the hospital was in October when you had your accident... I couldnt dare ask my girl to come visit me there.... and to think I will be giving birth to my daughter there.... So after my doctor told me I would have to stay probably the whole weekend I was scared.. I thought how could I sleep here knowing my brother spent his last moments of life here as a HERO that he is.... So the next morning when I woke up at 7:55 a.m .... i noticed something shiny in my purse.... It was my bracelet that I bought through Lt. Gagan in memory of you... I thought I had broke that bracelet when I fell down the stairs and was soooooooooo hurt and was telling the ultrasound tech about it... I didnt realize that it was hanging on to my purse when I first pulled up to the hospital and the lady who admitted me noticed I worked for RPD and asked if I knew you... Somehow me laying on the bed crying to the ultrasound tech telling her how I missed you and this was weird being here was her friend and my bracelet ended up in my room... I guess I dropped it in the ER and they brought it to me when I was sleep... Or that bracelet held on tight to my purse because you were present with me and that is why I slept sound asleep every night I was there.... I love you BRO always and forever... AND you will always be REMEMBERED!
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