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Bradley Moody
Born in Hawaii
29 years
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Lucinda Simpson Deputy District Attorney October 6, 2008

In working with Brad on drug/gang cases I quickly observed his exemplary work ethic and dedication.  He demonstrated through his own actions that one person truly can make a difference difference. I feel really honored to have worked with him. Brad has inspired so many and I will always remember him with the utmost respect and admiration.  He will be missed. All my thoughts and prayers are with his family, his friends, and all the RPD officers who stand beside him.  

- Lucinda Simpson

Chris Thorsen Deputy October 6, 2008

To the Moody fmily, there are no words that can express the sorrow I feel for you.  Only God knows why your husband, father and friend was taken at this time and in this place.  My prayers are with you.


To our brothers and sisters at the Richmond PD, know you are loved and your pain is felt by all of us.  We support you and pray for you.  This profession is a calling, it sounds as though Officer Moody knew this, he answered the call.  All of us will continue to answer the call together, now and forever.  We are there for you whatever your need. 



David Cruise San Francisco, Ca October 6, 2008


My deepest sympathies go out to the Moody family, Brad's extended family and of course all his friends and fellow officers within the Richmond Police Department. Brad will surely be missed but the legacy he left behnd is in warm hearts and strong hands. I did not know Officer Moody personally, but I am touched by how quickly Brad's friends within the department have come together in this time of sorrow and grief.


I pray that you are able to find solace and strength from God, your family and loved ones, your fellow officers throught your department as well as from each other.



David Cruise

Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District

PAMELA HAMPTON City of Richmond- Engineering Division October 6, 2008

To the Moody Wife, Children & Family;

I sincerely understand that words cannot express my deepest sadness when hearing about your loss.  I was deeply touched by this tragedy.  I have the uttermost respect for Law Enforcement & Fire Personnel.  I appreciate their constant efforts in making this a safer place to live and work.  I am praying that God continues to comfort you all during this time of bereavement.  I thank you his family for sharing Officer Moody with us the employees and residents of this city. His presence certainly made a positive influence and left a memorable mark on many of us.  I am sure that RICO will miss him sorely, I am just very, very, sad. I am like United Way, you may not know me but I love you.  May God Bless you all, and forever keep you in his loving arms of protection.  May you Rest in Peace Officer Moody.

Dan Tallerico Prayer October 6, 2008

 This prayer was found in the packet of a fallen British commando, I feel it is fitting for all people in uniform that try and keep peace and liberty safe for all.



May it be Your will Dear G-d, our L-rd and L-rd of our fathers, that you nullify war and blood-letting from the world and that a large and wonderful peace should continue in the world; that nation should no longer lift up sword against nation, nor should they any longer learn war, but that all residents of the Earth should recognize and know the truth for its truthfulness – that we did not come to this world for argument or fighting – G-d forbid – and not for hatred or deceit, spite or blood-letting G-d forbid, but that we have come to the world in order to recognize and know You and Your blessings.

Diane Canepa Richmond Fire Dept. October 6, 2008

My heart goes out to Officer Moody's wife and children on their tragic loss.  And my condolences and prayers are with his second family, the Richmond Police Department.  Though I did not know Officer Moody personally, I have the deepest respect for the hard-working police officers who protect the city of Richmond every day and keep it safe for those of us who live and work here.

My prayers are with all of you.


Diane Canepa

Richmond Fire Department

T Clark and Titan Police Officer PHPD October 6, 2008

Brad and Family,


No words are sufficient to express my sadness at your passing and my appreciation for your obvious dedication and professionalism. We will carry on knowing that you are the standard we are trying to achieve.

Mitch Peixoto Police Sgt. October 6, 2008

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Matthew 5:9   

Rick Krug Police oficer October 6, 2008
There are officers who u know that you wish you could work with more, Brad was "my kinda guy/cop" and my thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends.
Sal Bonilla Jr October 6, 2008
Sadden by the lost of such a great person,thoughs and pray go out to the family. God bless you all.Sal Bonilla Jr. Richmond Fire Department
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