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Bradley Moody
Born in Hawaii
29 years
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Family Tree
Karen Long co-worker to Jen Moody-sister October 6, 2008

Jen, I am so, so sorry. I wish I had something to say to make it feel better for you.


Karen Long

Melanie Kaiser CPD Officer October 6, 2008

Dear Susan and family, and my old buddies at RPD:


My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Even after leaving, I still share your pain and tears for Brad...especially for those dispatchers and officers who were working with Brad that evening... He will be greatly missed..he was a great cop and a great person....Susan, I am so sorry.. may God heal everyone's hearts quickly..

Gary and Pam Ludwig Our Deepest Sympathies October 6, 2008
Knowing Officer Joseph Avila it is with great sadness that we feel for him losing a partner in a job that he loves.

Our Condolence to Officer Moodys family and the Richmond Police Department

Gary and Pam Ludwig
Former resident for 62 years in Richmond
Cathy Akina Program Manager, Brighter Beginnings October 6, 2008

My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Officer Moody.  A great loss to his family, employer, friends, and the community.  Officer Moody will be greatly miss.



Gary Miner Retired Richmond Police Officer October 6, 2008
I did not know Officer Brad Moody, but my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. My thoughts go out also to the many fine Officers of Richmond who called Officer Moody a team mate and friend. His loss brought back sad memories of other fallen Richmond Officers. Be safe all of you and may GOD look over you.
Melissa Morgan PRT 2001-2003 October 6, 2008
Wow, I just saw you a few days ago, I would have never anticipated writing you in this way. I always enjoyed doing reports for you when I worked at RPD, you were always super funny, and seemed to really enjoy your job in good ol' Richmond. I remember being embarrassed to write some of the reports you and Ney called in when I first started working there. You two ran into some of the strangest people and situations! Everyone in the neighborhood knows you by name, and you have got to be one of the fairest most even tempered officers that patrols our neighborhood. You will be missed, and my prayers and thoughts go to your wife and children. You were one of the best the department had. We'll miss you dearly.
Billy Teague Stockton PD K9 October 6, 2008
The thoughts and prayers of the Stockton PD K9 Unit are with the family and friends our fallen brother, and with his brothers and sisters at the RPD.
Teresa Cole RPD retired October 6, 2008
My Dearest Brad. There are few people I hold dear to my heart. You are one of them. If I could take your place I would without hesitation. I Love you. 
Pat and Rosemarie From the Marina Bay Community... October 6, 2008
...with deep and sincere sympathy to the whole Moody family.  We will never be able to cross those railroad tracks without thinking warm thoughts of Officer Brad!
Dan Martin Richmond Fire Department October 6, 2008

Brad, there are no words that can make this right. Know that we are thinking of you and praying for your family.

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