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Bradley Moody
Born in Hawaii
29 years
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Carolann (Chalmers) Rubio A friend of Jenny's October 16, 2008

Dearest Jenny and the entire Moody family:

   My deepest condolences to you and your family at this difficult time.  There are no words to take away the pain you are feeling but know that you are never alone.  May you find strength in this time of sorrow ...  You are in my prayers always,


If you need anything I am always at Mimi's!


Exp.Claudia Ponce *We Will Miss You Officer Bradley Alan Moody* October 15, 2008
To you Moody and your family,
I meet you at the Richmond Police Department.I saw you with your huge big shining smile.From there we spoke on about you know cop stuff and what was going on in the city of richmond.every time i passes by patrol car number 27.everytime i passed by your patrol car Rico started shaking the car back and forth.And once you told me Rico is happy yo see you dont't be scared and i laughed and told you ok i wount.I played with Rico from time to time when i had a chance.and saw you on the streets and said hello and goodbye. i would always see you witha smile on your face and your smile made me giggle beacuse i thought to myself he just made my day nobody can stop me or bring me down right now.we also had training with the S.W.A.T team once not to long ago and oh was that funny.I rember that you laughed because I was the bad guys and i had a hostage in i was pointing the gun to his head but the thing that youwere laughing about is that i had to be on my tip-e-toes to reach the guy and you were laughing at what i was doing along with the S.W.A.T team and i laughed with you guys beacuse i thought to myseld i relly need to grow.Moody i know you can see us and hear the prayers that we give to you every night.Moody i will really really miss you i still can npot believe that you are gone i feel like i am going to see you each and everyday like i ust to but now i know that you are gone and in gods hands.i love you and i do not want to say goodbye moody i will see you later  and i hope you keep i eye on me from up above..
Susan i know this is really hard for you.But little by little you will get through this and you will be a great mother two your beatiful daughters and live on with Moodys legacy.I hope you keep his name alive forever.God bless you Susan and your two georgouse daughters Emma and Madisen.Take care and stay strong and always remeber you are not alone we are all here for you.and Moody oh Moody he is above you and your daughters through your familys life.I love you guys,god bless,and take care.



Nima Tofi To the family October 15, 2008

I met Brad on March of 2004 he was arresting me most people don't like cops but he was not just a cop he was gods angel in a cob uniform he touch my heart with his wings,heart of a lion,the world is lost with out him cause he was making a differents and touch so many  lives,he was our earthly angel but god have a better plan for him don't understand it cause he was a good friend so I pray to our havenly father to keep his wife and kids safe as he did his children on these earth.There is no words to explain the lost of a good,loving,compassion,big hearted,forgiving friend.

Thank you to the family for sharing him.

Mr Moody have a safe trip thank you for making a differents in my life and my husbands we miss and ne forget you.

love and respect prayers to your wife and kids may god bless them always..

jenny teddleton thank-you October 15, 2008
hi, my name is jenny, thank-you mr. brad moody for being a good police officer and thank-you for your doggy too. this why when ever i see a police officer and the sheriff or any body in a dagnerouse job like this to let you know how much i appreciate what you all do for us all.  thank-you to his most wonderful family too.
 my condscolces to your family and friends. may God be with you.
sincrly jenny
Antonio Puente Hayward P.D. Sergeant October 15, 2008
Even though I have never met Bradley, I can't help but feel a wave of emotion as if I lost a member of my own family as I read the news briefs about his death.  One fatality in law enforcement is one too many and a death deeply affects us all.  As our L.E. community bans together and mourns one of our own fallen officers, I hope Bradley's family can take solace that we will always be available for support when needed.
Tom Brichta A Smile October 15, 2008

Brad was my first contact with  the RPD through crime prvention here in Point Richmond.


He always had a smile and would stop and take the time to say hello.


He was one of the best people out there.  We'll all miss him.



Jessica Evans Vanden HS Alum October 15, 2008
My deepest and heartfelt condolences go out the the Moody family. I graduated with Brad from high school, but I never knew him very well; I would see him in the halls and we had a few classes together. I remember him being incredibly kind and sincere, and well respected. Although I didn't know him that well, I always remembered Brad as someone who was truly special, and someone who was going to leave his mark in this world, and in his short life, he did just that! May God Bless Brad and the Moody Family. Jessica Evans Vanden High School Alum, Class 1997 Fresno PD Dispatch
DS Officer October 15, 2008
I never had the chance to meet you, in fact, I'm an officer in Colorado. That said, I wanted to thank you for your service. May God bless you and your family in these difficult times. God Speed, rest in peace brother.
Linda Long Teacher Vanden High School 1969-2002 October 15, 2008
To the Moody Family, who did so much to support the staff and students at Vanden. Brad was such an amazing young man, such a good friend, such a well spoken, responsible person. Love and prayers for all of you in your grief. Linda Long
J. Dougery C.D.C.R. October 15, 2008

My condolence's goes out to your family, friends and the Richmond Police Dept. Rest in peace Officer Moody.

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