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Bradley Moody
Born in Hawaii
29 years
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Todd Kaiser
Bradley,  you have no idea how much I leaned on you for help in central.  Everyday I logged on I always looked you up first to see what was going on and if there was anyone we could go jump out on.  And everyday you would just smile that big smile and say, "Whats up brother".  I would say "Nada man". You would say, "You ready".  Then we would go do our thing for the next five hours until you went home.  I am very honored that you gained my trust so quickly and would specifically ask for me to make entries into houses so I could watch your back.  That is huge with me Brad.  When I first got here you were one of the first guys to let me know if I needed anything to let you know.  It has been that way ever since, you helping me.  One of the last things we did on Friday, was you helped me get my beat book up to date, then we went and found some dope.  I could talk about you forever Brad, but I have to say I will miss you real bad.  But I will see you again my friend.  God speed brother I will see you on the other side.
Jesse Ney
Bradley, where does one start with you, we had some great times together working a two man car. I was a little worried about you in the beginning as thin as you were i didnt think you were going to be able to handle your self. Boy was i wrong and what a fine officer you turned out to be. I had to borrow a shock collar to slow you down at times and remind you that we worked 40 hours a week and if we didnt get em today we would get them tomorrow.You always gave 100 percent of quality all the time. Im going to miss the hugs from you in the locker room and the big smile on your face when you called me "papi" All the times we spent at the lake with the boys will be forever cherished.  I was proud to call you my partner i was honored to call you my friend. I will forever miss you B.A.M  
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