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Bradley Moody
Born in Hawaii
29 years
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Jen F.



            We don’t know each other but I have been very touched by your words and check this website frequently for new postings.  My family and I are friends of fellow RPD officer Reina and also live just a few doors down from Bradley’s parents.  I wanted to let you know that I feel very connected to you and that your words make me thankful for my family being healthy and safe.  I can’t even imagine what you are going through right now and can only think of how hard it must be on you and your family.  Your daughters are very close in age to my daughter and I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to be there for them while hurting so much yourself.  If there is ever anything I can do, even if its just letting the girls play and giving you a break, just let me know.  Like I said, I live on the same street as Bradley’s parents, I am at 784.  Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone and stay strong for those beautiful girls of yours.   

Susan Moody
                              Four months today…..
Bradley Alan—I can’t believe that it has been four months since I last talked to you, held you, kissed you, felt your warm hand on me….looked into your eyes!!  I miss you so much, I cant even begin to tell you.   I have thought about you every second of every day for the last four months! Our little daughters have grown up so much in the last four months—I just hurt so much that you cant watch them grow into little girls!!!!! 
I had a dream this morning and you were there….but it wasn’t like you were here to stay.  You told me that you couldn’t stay long…you just wanted to come see me.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I told you that I wanted to take tons of pictures so that people would believe me that you came back.  You just laughed at me and said that nothing has changed with me taking pictures (he would always give me a hard time cause I took a million pictures all the time!!!).  I remember asking you tons of questions… I asked you what happened in the car that day.  You told me that you were just going too fast and you knew that you needed to slow down but it was too late.  I asked you what you were thinking and you said that you were thinking that you knew that you were going to die.  I just started crying—and you just held me for the longest time.  I told you that I keep saying that I wish that I could have one more minute with you so that I could kiss you one more time.  You started crying and you kissed me.  I told you that you were being honored in a way that you deserve---I said that the funeral was nice, and that you got all the bells and whistles!!!  I told you that there was a webpage made that people could come and write things to you, and condolences to the family.   We got on the computer and I started to show you and you said that you just cant read it because it’s too sad…but you looked at the pictures with tears in your eyes.  It was weird, because there were people around…but they weren’t reacting to the fact that you were here—it was like they couldn’t see you.  You then started typing something to me (I think it was about the finances cause I saw tons of numbers…so that it would help get things together for me), and you said that it was something you should have done before you died.  You told me that I could read it when I was alone.  I never got to open it up, because the girls woke up….
Baby, the dream was sooo real...I woke up and it was 750 AM on the 4th. Almost exactly four months of the time you crashed.  I am crying my eyes out typing this… I thank you so very much for coming to me and visiting me…. I just wish that it would happen in real life.  I wish soooooooooooo badly that I could hold you and kiss you again…. And look into your beautiful eyes again.  But, I know that this is all I have to hold on to.  I know that this is the only way that I am going to “be” with you—and it just hurts on a level that I cant even describe!!! I miss you so very much!!! I love you with all my heart!!!

Soooo Brad...remember how you used to make fun of me when I would tell you about all the money I spent on raffles and stuff and NEVER won anything!!! You told me I was crazy and a goof...Well...I finally had a payday!!!  Yup, of all places on Superbowl Sunday at your parents house!!!  First time I ever entered one of those scoring pools and wound up winning $50 smackas!!!   It was a great day being there with everyone because I could feel you there with us.  I always feel your presence when I'm around your family...something about them. 


  Your family is a source of strength for many of us and they will never be without their RPD family.  I enjoy my times with Susan and the girls and am doing my best to keep her spirits high.  I am so excited for Jamie to come on board with us and of course Jen is the fiesty and STRONG one that ALWAYS has a smile to share.  She told me her nickname was "shrimp." I told her she was a "tiger prawn" cuz if she was going to be a "shrimp" Damn it she was going to be the biggest one out there!  I had a fun time sitting and watching the game for a bit with your pops...every time I see him smile I think of you.  Although his Seahawks weren't in the big game he sure was enjoying the day and grinning ear to ear!  We all miss you and it is very hard to think of moving onto another day without you.    Look after us and keep sending us lil signs that you are keeping and eye ladybug encounter while working on my crimescene was special...thanks




Although I visit often, I typically can't bear to watch the pics of you and your lovely family scroll the page... Today was different.  I just watched each one, smiling... thinking of how wonderful of a husband and father you were.  I didn't know you well, Brad.  But my husband loved you so much.  He thought you were the BEST that Richmond PD had to offer and was so happy when you joined his team. He dreamed of becoming the caliber of cop that you were.  And he always would say to me... "And hes only 29, He's YOUNGER than me!!!" Thank you for mentoring him.  He is a better cop because of you, Brad.  He misses you man.  As usually open as he always is, I feel a deep pain in his heart from losing you and its remarkably hard for him to talk about it.  It so hard for all of us, losing you.  Us wives put ourselves in Susan's position and we cant fathom how we'd go on.  But, Brad... she's doing it!  And with such grace.  Its admirable and amazing and because of her, your daughters will have a love of you and a love for life, in them, always.  Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us.  I take your spirit with me always and I know my husband does, too.  Most importantly, thank you for your strength Brad as we all pull ours from you now.





So... Maddy thinks that your in the airplanes that pass in the sky.  The girls and I were playing outside writting you stuff on the ground with chock...and Funk stopped by to spend time with us, and  to see Rico.  A plane passed over us, and Maddy said "look .. a plane--and daddys in there".... Then she just looked and watched the plane until we could no longer see it.  The look on her face was soooo sad and confused!  I just felt so bad for her!!  I wish that there was something that I could do to take away her pain and sadness!!! Baby we all miss you so very much!!!!  We love you with all of our hearts!!! Please watch over us....

Old Friend
            Hey there my friend. You know it’s been a long time, a long time since we last spoke to each other. I can’t help but remember the last thing you told me and that was your graduation from the academy. I was so proud of you that day!  I knew you would be SWAT, K9 and all that you ever told me you dreamed of being. I wish I was able to see you and hug you one last time to tell you that I and everyone around you are so proud of you for all that you have done with your life and all that you have become.
            I remember the PW crew and all the little gatherings, I haven’t thought about that in years I mean over a decade. I remember one time we were laughing so hard outside Jason’s house when we saw him shove those huge speakers in his car… he could hardly fit in it to drive…Then there are so many more Sam’s funeral, the rowdy times with Mark and Tim… remember those rapping session… OH man…As I sit here and think a ton of memories come back to me. I was so sad to hear about you leaving this life, but as time has moved on I keep remembering all of this hilarious moments we shared as friends.
           I wonder how everyone is doing and where they are all at in life. I know out of the group you and Josh had this fire for life and this yearning to do so much with it. I haven’t heard from Josh since prior to my last conversation with you, but I am sure he is trucking along a path of success as you were.
            I wanted you to know that you were always my friend no matter how infrequently we spoke. You helped so many people in so many ways MD… you were always the man!
Rest in peace…MD
Your friend for life
Susan Moody

Hey every day I tell the girls "Have I told you today how much I love you?"  And they laugh and think it soooo cute and funny... Then I say..."and you know...even though daddy isnt here and we cant see him, he will always love you too"  Emma will say everytime... "dada--my heart"!!!! Its so cute babe....but at the same time it breaks my heart!!  I wish you were here baby.  The three of us miss you so very much!

You know what I keep thinking of when I get reallly really sad--is our last night together.  I am SOOOOO happy that you didnt have any overtime and you were home before the girls went to sleep.  I am so happy that you put them to bed (by yourself).....and that we had two amazing hours by ourselves.  I miss that---what I would give to just have one more minute with you....I love you and miss you  more than I can even begin to say!!! 

T. Kaiser

Hey Bradley, 

I went to your folks house for Michelle and Jamie's birthday party.  Everyone was there and it was so nice to see them all.  Betty wanted me to call in sick so I could have some of, as she put it, "Mammas lasagna".  I wish I could have I feel so at home over there.  It was great seeing Susan and the girls.  I miss you so much dude, I read the investigation into your accident, which made it a real tough night after that.  I miss you so much dude!!!!!


Hey baby---it's Saturday January 24th..just wanted to tell you something that Emma did the other day.  Dylan and Jared Ney came over to pick up this patch that I had made for Dylans letterman jacket--it honor of you.  Emma picked up the patched (which I NEVER showed her)  and said to Dylan...."dada...."  and then she said " heart"  WOW!!!  Now she is understanding it....and she's not even two yet!!!!  Baby, our daughters miss you so very much.  I wish that I could take away the pain that they are gonig to have over their life!!!  I love you Bradley Alan....more than life itself!!! Please watch over us!!!!  XXOXOX

Today is January 14th....I just got back from the Warriors/King game.  The paid truibute to 18 fallen officers at halftime.  They brought the family and police officers from each department down on the court with us.  They played Mariah Carys "hero" song. I tried to keep it together and not cry....but the minute that I saw your picture on the screens--I lost it.  I couldnt stop crying and thinking that your really gone.  Everyone was clapping for you and there was a standing ovation for you baby!!!  You are definitely getting allllll the bells and  whistles  you could ask for Bradley!  I miss you with allll of my heart!!!!!  XOXOXO
Today is January 14th....I just got back from the Warriors/King game.  The paid truibute to 18 fallen officers at halftime.  They brought the family and police officers from each department down on the court with us.  They played Mariah Carys "hero" song. I tried to keep it together and not cry....but the minute that I saw your picture on the screens--I lost it.  I couldnt stop crying and thinking that your really gone.  Everyone was clapping for you and there was a standing ovation for you baby!!!  You are definitely getting allllll the bells and  whistles  you could ask for Bradley!  I miss you with allll of my heart!!!!!  XOXOXO
Susan Moody
Bradley- today was a realllly hard day (January 12th)—very emotional all day!  Everything that Maddy and Emma did made me cry, all the visions of you of the first four days in the hospital wouldn’t leave my head—just all over tough!  Then Joanna came to visit the girls and I tonight, and it got better—until they went to sleep, and I just lost it with her here.  I felt horrible that I broke down in front of her—but I couldn’t hold it back!  She comforted me…which was kind---but I just was so very sad.  We talked about all the good times we had with you, and she brought me to laugh several times.  She is hilarious.  We had a great visit.  And sooner did we know it … it was 1 am!!!  Being around your co workers makes me feel so close to you, and I love hearing about all the stories, since I am not able to hear them from you anymore.   She tells the stories like you did baby…sooooo animated--- Although, she doesn’t reach for the radio like you did (you would crack me up … I loved it when you did that, but I made fun of you every time…didn’t I??? )  Other than my melt down, we had a great night….I just wish you were here with us….
Susan Moody
Hey today is January 10th….something really cool happened today.  The girls were playing on the couch, and Maddy said “sissy lets play peek a boo with daddy”.  So, I took the home phone away from Emma so they could play, and I looked down at it---and Emma pressed four numbers only….1333!!!!  (For those that don’t know, Bradley’s serial number at work was 1333!!!!!!)  I thanked you for visiting us….
Susan Moody

Hey baby….today is January 9th…and I have changed Miss Emma’s room over from the nursery we made initially for Maddy cakes….to cute little red, black and white lady bugs!!  I just know that you would love it.  Nate actually came over and painted the room red for me, which was more than I could ask for!!!  You wouldn’t believe all the love and support baby!!  It’s amazing!  Every time I go in there though, I have mixed emotions…  I am happy that I changed it, to ladybugs—to remember you by, but then I am sad—cause you will never see it, and it’s so different than what we did almost four years ago when I was pregnant with Madison.   Nothing is easy Bradley—nothing.  I miss you so very much; it hurts on a level that I can’t even put into words!!!

Damm Bradley i still think this is a dream,wish it was .  I constantly think back at the one time i had  to chew your ass for trying to input your knowledge with 30 seconds on the job. we butted heads and your skinny ass held your ground, you lost of course but i said to myself  Damm!!!!!!!!!!!! this kids got sacks you have to carry in a dump truck. Rest up my friend ill neeed you to co sign for me to meet upstairs with ya.
Susan Moody

           Today is January 8th 2009, and I just would like to express some of my feelings to everyone out there!  Thank you!  Although, when I say “thank you”  I feel like it’s not enough…and here is why…

           On Saturday October 4th at 801am…I received a phone call from a dear friend telling me that Bradley was in a car accident.  She risked her job, knowing that protocol said NOT to make the phone call…to have someone come to the house.  I thank you sooooo much for doing that for me…YOU would have given me the only opportunity to say goodbye to Bradley if he were to make it 10 more minutes!!!  So thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!  You are a true friend!!!  After I hung up the phone with her, something inside me told me that this was bad and that he wasn’t going to make it…BUT I forced myself to keep strong and I hoped to God that I was wrong.   I told myself….”Okay this is Bradley…he is the strongest person that I know, he’s a Moody—and he’ll pull through.”!!!   When I was picked up at my house by an officer to bring me to the hospital, I begged him to call everyone to find out what was going on.  No one knew anything.  The 40 minute drive…no one knew anything!!!  That brought my strength down—I thought “are they not telling me because it’s bad??? How can NO ONE not know something???”  The second I walked into the hospital a nurse took me into an emergency room room.  I kept asking her if she knew anything…NOTHING!!!!  Why couldn’t (or wouldn’t) anyone tell me what was going on???  The next thing I knew, the nurse came in and handed me Bradley’s wedding ring…I lost it!!!  I immediately thought the worse—however she told me that this is what they ALWYAY do, no matter the outcome and not to worry….So I calmed down, just enough to look down at it---and I saw blood ALLLLLL over it!!  Then I just knew—this was bad, I couldn’t stop crying.  The second the doctor walked in, I knew my life was going to change for the worse.  The look on his face said it all.  I asked him if my husband was going to be okay….and he said no!  NO????  How can that be possible??  I just couldn’t believe what I just heard—my heart stopped and I felt as though I couldn’t get anything out…it was like I was frozen in time!!!  I will remember this day and every detail for the rest of my life.  Seeing Bradley for the first time was unreal…almost like I was living someone else’s nightmare…I kept saying, this cant’ be my husband—they have it wrong.

                From that second on…and for many weeks there after I felt like I was dreaming…I don’t know how I got through the first couple days.  I would come home every night from the hospital and my house would be clean, and there would be so much food and drinks everywhere—it was amazing.  The thing is –I didn’t know who to thank.   The flowers and gifts that were brought to the house were so very beautiful…but again, I didn’t know who to thank.  There were officers standing guard at my house 24 hours a day, it made me feel safe, and in some way close to Bradley when they were there… but I don’t know who set that up, so again I didn’t know who to thank.  The outpouring of love and support since Bradley was killed has been more than amazing.   From the Memorial fund that was set up for my daughters and all the generous donations…the numerous functions, such as the gathering at PJ’s, the Glock Match, the tree planting, the unveiling of Bradley’s name on the stone in the lobby of the station….to the letters, and cards, and plaques and all memorabilia in honor of Bradley-I thank you…from the bottom of my heart!!!  I hope you all know how truly grateful I am to you!!!    This website has been so helpful these past three months.  I feel like I can come write to him and he is listening to me.  Thank you for all the condolences and the candles…it’s truly amazing what you all write. 


Susan Moody

Baby....three months---I just can’t believe it.  Three months ago was the last time that I was able to touch your warm body, the last time that I was able to lay in bed next to you.  Three months seems like nothing compared to the rest of my life---I just keep wondering how I am going to live the rest of my life without you???!!!  Our daughters are so precious...and they miss you very much. One BIG thing I wanted to tell you (I’m sure everyone that is reading this is going to laugh that I am telling you this ….)  Maddy FINALLLLLLY is going poo poo in the potty now!!! Remember we thought that it would never happen—well, it did!!  What a relief.  I think that you helped her in some way, so thank you for that!! And little Miss Emma isn’t far behind either…she goes potty all the time in the toilet!! You would be so proud of them!!  They talk about you all the time babe!!  They call you on their cell phones--its sooooo cute (but at the same time, I have to leave the room cause it makes me so very sad!!!!)  It breaks my heart when they ask me when you are coming home from work.  It breaks my heart every night when we go outside to kiss you good night, Maddy says (every time)…”good night daddy and I hope I will see you in the morning!!!!” I just wish I could make that come true for her!  The other day I asked Emma what she wanted for her birthday….and she said “daddy”!!!!  You know, I am trying my hardest to keep it together and to be strong for them, but sometimes it just seems impossible (especially with the stuff that they say to me).  I know that you wouldn’t want me to be depressed and miserable like I have been these past three months… but Bradley—can you please tell me how I’m supposed to change that??? 

Babe, can you give your dad some strength—he needs it really bad. I went to the hospital the other day to visit him for a couple hours, and it was just so hard.  It brought back all the horrible memories I had when you were in the hospital…all the machines, and just everything reminded me of that horrible time!!!  I do have to say though, watching your sister and mom take care of your dad was amazing.  They are awesome—they took better care of him then the nurses did!!! 

Well, I think that I am going to try and get some sleep…I haven’t had you visit me in my dreams in a while---can you make that happen tonight, I miss you!!  I love you Bradley, with all that I am!!!!  Goodnight sweetheart!



Jennifer Moody


  Hey has been 3 months since I last got to touch you good-bye. That was the hardest day of my life. I hope you know I miss you more and more as each day passes. I am so proud to have had a brother like you. I still brag about you all the time to people at work. I know I haven't written much on here lately but as you probably know it is hard for me. I also have been helping mom with dad too. Brad please keep watching over dad, he needs your strength. As for your girls....they are so beautiful Brad. Everytime I go up there to watch them or they go to moms I lkeave in tears. It breaks myt heart to know they will never have you here to hold. Just stay with them as they grow up Brad they need you.....we all do. I miss you and so does the rest of the family. I love you so much.


Until next time...I love you,

Your sister

Dylan Ney( Little Bro)
Hey Brad, I talked to Susan today.. while i was taking a Spanish test, and she wanted me to send her a picture of your tattoo that I have in my phone, that Jamie had sent to me, and i look at that photo almost everyday but today when i sent it to her i just could not stop staring at it. I would almost break down in class cause just the sight of that brings so much emotion its so hard to control it. I miss you so much big bro its just so unfair the way things of happened, i think about u everyday. I just cant help but to go in our shop and just look at the picture that we have of you and rico i would just sit there on a chair and just stare at it for a while just wishing you would come back. I went to fairfield the other day with Susan to go put another heart shaped lady bug to add to her tattoo. and her and i were thinking of me getting one.... ya we were just thinking of me getting your dog that i always wanted. i am so excited and nervous at the same time but its for you and i no i have to tough it out

i miss you so much brad
love your little brother 
Susan Moody

Well Bradley, its January 1st 2009!  I thought that in some way a burden would be lifted off of my shoulders once 2008 was over with, but I was wrong.  As much as I am glad that the worst year of my life isn’t here anymore…a new sense of sadness has surrounded me.  I realize that 2008 will be the worst ever that I will ever live, but at least I had 10 months of wonderful memories with you.  I know now that 2009 will be the first year that I will not be able to make any new memories with you…and that just brings me to a whole new level of sadness!!!!   We planned on bringing the girls to the snow for the first time in January…you won’t get to see their faces the first time they touch the snow! You won’t be here for Emma’s 2nd birthday party in February…which I am not sure how I am going to get through without you here!!!  But I decided to have a ladybug party…so in some way, you will be here with us!!!  Then what about Easter…and the Peep eating contest???  And then of course how am I ever going to make it through May 1st???  That was the best day of my life, when you made me your wife!  Then comes June—where we were going to turn 30 together!!!  Now I have to embrace this new age alone!!  You were the one that kept telling me that 30 was going to be okay, and that we were just “growing old together”!!!  Then Maddy turning four in August—she already told me that she wants to have a princess party…and she wants her daddy to be there as her prince!!!!  I know that there are going to be many more memories that I am going to have to make without you…and that just makes me so sad!!!

 I heard a song last night for the first time by Jessica Andrews, it’s called Never be Forgotten.  It really made me smile, and the same time—I balled my eyes out--- Baby here are some of the words…

I’ll always see your face

The corner of your smile

And all the little things that no one will ever know

Like it was yesterday, won’t ever fade away

Goodbye is just a word that I will never say


You will never be forgotten

A million days could pass us by

But what is time but just a dream

Oh I still feel you here with me

You’re more than just a memory

Oh you will never be forgotten


I can’t hold your hand

Or look into your eyes

And when I talk to you

It just echoes in my mind

But if hearts are made of dust

And if we fell from the starts

I look up tonight and know just where you are

And the world just keeps on going

It has no way of knowing

That you’re gone….


These words just keep repeating themselves in my head.  They mean so much!!!  There hasn’t been a second in everyday in these past 3 horrible months that I haven’t thought about you, cried my eyes out…. Or even begged that this would all just go away and that you would still be here with us.  Life just really isn’t fair.  I keep saying that I’m not sure how I am going to live without you—it’s only been three months, and I miss you sooooo very much!!!!  I will always love you Bradley Alan…Forever and always…you will be forever in my heart!!!!!! 

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