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Bradley Moody
Born in Hawaii
29 years
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Bradley, we had a nice function at the watering hole on tuesday night. Lemon head did a nice job putting together a dinner and unveiling of a "k27" sign in our bar. The son of a Bi@#H was so bright it burned the bald spot (AKA monkey butt) on the back of my head i needed ointment to make it feel better. I went to mom and pops on thursday and spent a little grey goose time there as well .it was nice John goodner as we know him for fixing donnas boat "Mcgyver" did a real nice job with a video of 'your day"  we cried and laughed it felt good. Susan looked good and is really doing  a great job  with the girls im really proud of her,you put more moody into her then you thought   she is really working hard to make sure the girls know who you are at all times. Bud, were all trying and struggling in different ways down here to figure out whats right for you so give us a chance and if all fails, remenber the country song by Garth Brooks friends in  low places cause you loved every body and every body loved you " lets go to work"
Susan Moody

Happy thanksgiving babe!!!  I sat here for about 30 minutes thinking about what to say!  Half of the time… I felt I like I was being ungrateful- as I was feeling that I have nothing to be thankful of today!  I mean, how can I be thankful of anything when I don’t have you by my side??  How can I be thankful of anything when you were taken from me so suddenly?? How can I be thankful of anything when I feel completely numb???  Well, guess what Bradley—I will tell you how I can be thankful.  Thank you Bradley for picking me to spend the rest of your life with—the past 6 ½ years were absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for giving me the two most precious things I will ever have—our daughters!!!  Thank you for sharing your life with me.  Thank you for making me want to be a better person like you!!   And as I sit here and write…baby I can tell you I have SOOOO much to be thankful of!!!  You wouldn’t believe all the support that has been shown in the past almost 8 weeks!!!!  People EVERYWHERE near and far have honored you in a way that I can’t even begin to thank!

Bradley, I am so thankful for your department!!!  They are truly taking care of us!!!  It’s awesome to see most everyone put their differences aside and be kind to one another! I think in a time like this—they realize that life is so precious and we sometimes take it for granted!!

I am so very thankful for your family!  They have been a huge support system for me.  They have been there for me day in and day out! One second we will be telling a story about you—laughing away, and then in the very next breath…break down into tears of sadness!!! I know that I couldn’t get through this without them babe!

Babe, I am thankful for my family as well…the ones that have supported me through this horrible time in my life have been wonderful. Same goes---I don’t know what I would do without them all, and again, I am not sure that I would be able to make it without having them by my side!!

It goes without saying baby---we both have great friends!! So, I am honored to say that I am thankful for all of our friends!!!  Without their love and support—I’m not sure how well I would be doing right now!!!  Bradley, there are even people who barely knew you---or didn’t know us at all that are reaching out trying to find a way to help!!! It’s so amazing!!!  You touched so many lives Brad---You are a true hero!!!

So, as we all spend the first thanksgiving without you, I know that it goes without saying that everyone is thankful for having the honor of being a part of your life.  I am thankful that I was your wife—and I know that your daughters are thankful that they had the best daddy that ever lived!!! Thank you Bradley Alan—for everything!!!!  You will be ‘forever in my heart’!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well bradley the days arent getting any easier for some, its hard being a hard ass when you want to cry like a two year old with out a bottle or boob:). The get together we had out here with a lot of the guys there families , susan and the kids was great, it really helps us to see those little girls smile and play. I  think they took a liken to jared and his blue eyes. We put a memory sticker on a nice cold bottle of coors light and set it aside for you, those bottles will never be opened there yours. Today was a tough day a few of us went to the funeral for a sac county motor officer who was killed chasing a speeder doing what he loved. The guy kind of resmebled you to i looked up and all i coud see was your face the weirdest dam thing.They talked pretty highly of him, you should hook up with him and try and get him in as much trouble as you did me, try not to break anyones legs this time ok :)They had some pretty good speakers as well,not as good as ole man funk but close. Brad they said over and over today they will never forget and i want you to know the same applies to you .You will always be with us and we will always watch out for what was left behind take care my friend.......................
Aunt Linda



It has been a little over a month now that you’ve been gone – yet the pain of your passing still lingers on for those of us who love you. It is overwhelming how many lives you touched. You were, most certainly, a very special person and we are all blessed to have had the honor of being a part of your life. Although you were only my nephew by marriage, you were in fact, “my nephew” and a very precious part of our family.  


Thank you, for being the person that you were. Thank you, for being such a caring, thoughtful, loving man to my niece and my great-nieces. I do believe that God Himself taught you how to love so unconditionally; because you made it seem effortless.


I miss your smile and your infectious laughter. I miss sitting around your family room laughing at one of your amazingly perfect (not to mention HYSTERICAL) impersonations of some poor unsuspecting soul. I miss seeing you, Susan and Judith laughing at my “tahing” or my “huhing” out of the corner of my eye (yes, I DID see you). I even miss you trying to get me to drink some Crystal Light (the answer is still NO - I hate that stuff!); but I would drink a million of them just to be able to have you with us all again…


Someone once wrote a beautiful poem that sums up what it feels like to lose a family member:

We did not know that morning that God would call your name.

In life, we loved you dearly, and in death, it is still the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone;

For part of us went with you, the day God called you home.

You left us full of memories, and thoughts of you are still our guide;

Although we can no longer see you, you are always at our side.

Even though our chain is broken, and nothing seems the same;

Someday God will call on us, and the chain will link again.


Author Unknown


Good-bye my precious nephew, until we meet again. Please know that because I knew you, I have been changed…for good.


I love you,

Aunt Linda


Susan Moody
   Yesterday was a good day babe. The department planted a tree in honor of you.  You have your own tree baby!!! How cool is that?! They also put a plaque down that says your name, so anyone that walks by will know that its YOUR tree!! You were such a great guy Bradley--that everyone, everywhere has honored you in a way that I can't even begin to thank!!! 
   Last night was great too.  A bunch of the guys from the pd and their families--and all of your family, some of my family and a couple friends got together at Jesse's and Kim's to look at your star in the sky!!!  It was good to get everyone together, I just wish that you could have been there!!! I miss you very much!!!  There isnt a second in the day that goes by that I dont think about you!!!! I just wish this would all go away and I would wake up, and you would be here!!!!!  I think to myself, why did you have to go so soon---you are needed here more than anywhere else!!!!  My heart hurts more and more as the days pass.  I'm really not sure how to do all of this--how I'm supposed to live without you.  I feel so very lost without you by my side.
   The department misses you so much--they have suffered a BIG were truely one of the their best!!!  I can see it in their faces when they talk about you.  It's hard to see them hurting...them crying...them suffering for their loss of you!!! You affected them in a way that you will NEVER be forgotten.  
   Your family is struggling so much too--Bradley they miss you A LOT!!!  They love you so much, and it breaks my heart to see them in pain like this!!!  It breaks my heart to watch your mom and dad cry---I can't imagine what they are going through...losing a child has got to hurt on a level that I cant even begin to understand!  Seeing your brother and sister cry is also so very hard--that too is a pain that I dont unerstand!  I want to be there for them in any way I can.  I wish that I could take their pain away from them.
   I hurt for Madison and Emma so much! Our baby girls were robbed of ever truely knowing their daddy!!! They ask about you all the time and we look at pictures several times throughout the day.  I dont want them to foget you baby. The department, our family and friends has promised me that they will help me keep your memory alive.  Our little girls have gained sooo many unlces and aunties it's comforting!  I only want the best for them, so knowing that they have all this support, really gives me hope that they will be okay!
   Bradley, I can tell you one thing--Everyone, and I mean everyone that counts has became so close because of your passing.  You were such an honorable man, that you are makeing people want to be like you!!! Now how many people can say are a true hero Bradley!  I love you with all my heart--forever and always!! XOXOXO  Love, your wifey :)
Well Brother the crooks in Central got hit today!  A bunch of people went to jail today because of a vision you were a part of.  Your spirit was there, but we all wish you could've taken part in the festivities.  You are missed dearly.    
Susan Moody

Hey baby....So, Emma and I picked up Maddy cakes from preschool today and the three of us went to the park.  We sat down and the girls started eating lunch, and I thought to myself---"God I miss you soooo much and I wish you were here with us"....just as said that a lady bug landed on Madisons head!!!!!!!!  I couldnt believe it.  I took it off her head and let it crawl all over my hand and arms.  The girls got a kick out of it.  They were laughing soo much.  I tried to get maddy to hold it, but you know her---little miss princess wouldn't.  Of course our little bruiser Emma wanted apart of it....She let the lady bug crawl alll over her, it was sooo sweet.  Then I put it back on my hand kissed it, and said " I love you Bradley...and miss you sooooo much!!!!"  and it flew off into the sky!!! WOW, I am getting the chills thinking about it again.  Thank you for coming to visit us---I felt  you there---Thank you!!! I love you Bradley Alan!!!!! XOXOXOXO

Jen Moody


  Well it has been a 1 month and 5 days since you have been gone, and I miss you more and more each day. Everyone does! I know that you at peace though and you are watching over all of us. Mom and dad are doing the best they can, just missing their baby boy each and everyday. Jamie and I are hanging in there wishing we could see our brother once again. Susan....well she misses you so much. She loved you lots bro. She is sure doing a great job with telling the girls about you though. As for your baby girls they talk to you everyday and look at pictures all the time. Madison tells us she sees you and you are in the sky. We all love you so much and wish you were here. You were the best big brother a girl could have. See you when I get there.

                                          Your baby sis~


I am so touched by your words Susan. I pray that you find stregnth to get through this.
RPD Friend

Susan...may God give you strength day after day. May God bless you and your daughters. We are all here for you.


Your organ donations are a gift that are irreplaciable - your Dad, Mom, Brother,Sister, Wife and probably most important to you Brad - your daughters-   know that your generousity in the way you led your life here  on earth continued on as you made your way home to our Heavenly Father - You gave life to others here  on earth before you left us!!

 You TRULY are what we all hope to be in life, Loved, Respected, Honored, MISSED,  WE all want to be with you when we reach our destination - Home with our Eternal Father PLEASE be our angel !!!!!!!!!!


Susan Moody

One month ago today... I got the phone call that I prayed I would never get....

One month ago today... I sat in the emergency trauma room as the nurse handed me my husbands bloody wedding ring.

One month ago today... I was sitting in the hospital just learing the fact that I would have to say goodbye to my husband forever. 

One month ago today...I sat in his room and watched the machines make his chest rise up and down.

One month ago today... I realized that I was living my nightmare..The nightmare that every cops wife has thought about.

One month ago today I watched all of our family and close friends come in and out to see Bradley for the last time---and stare at him in disbelief.

One month ago today... I sat by his bed side begging him not to leave me, begging him not to leave his baby girls...begging him to come back to us!

One month ago today.... I watched nurse after nurse and doctor after doctor come in his room every 20 minutes and check to make sure that he was getting all the medicine he needed to keep his oragns healhy.

One month ago today... I signed papers to decide which oragns and tissues I would give to save another life.

One month ago today... I sat there rubbing his head.... and resting the palm of his hand on my check---to make it like he was caressing my face.

One month ago today... I had to tell my babies that they're daddy was in an accident and wouldnt be coming home again.

One month ago today.. I promised Bradley that I would tell our daughters what a hero, what an honorable man they had as their dadddy... I promised Bradley that I would tell them every day that passes how much he loved them!

One month ago today... I prayed every second that I would just wake up---and this would all just go away!!!

One month ago today.... My whole entire world was turned upside down in a matter of seconds.

      Bradley month ago today, I lost my best friend, my lover, my rock.... my world!!!   One month ago today was the worst day of my entire life---seeing you in that hospital bed was turture.  In this last month, I have missed you more and more with each second that passes.  I hope to God, that I can find the strength somewhere, somehow to keep moving with time.  There are many times throughout the day that I dont even want to exsist.  But---I know that two lives depned on me more now than ever before.  So Bradley, it's my promise to you... to raise Madison and Emma with the pride and honor that you possessed.  If our daughters turn out to be half as great as you were... I will feel like I have accomplised my role as a mommy.  Even though your heart is beating in another person right now... Thank you for giving it to me first.  I will always hold it close and I will never, never---for as long as I live, let it go.  I love you Bradley.... always will!!!  You will be "forever in my heart"!!!! 

I miss you Bro....
Vanessa & Charlie (age 9 years old)
We are very sorry for your loss. We didn't know you guys, but we heard. We hope your kids and your doggie is doing ok too. We looked at all your pictures and it made us sad. we love and pray for you and your family. xoxo
The Tremains

I visited with Jaime today and he told me of a dedication to you in San Ramon tonite   - oh my gosh Brad you are so loved - he told me of your organ donations. My husband is waiting for an organ - you are truly are a hero. You gave your life for others here -you still live here though with your donations. Love you  

Charlie and Ellen

Nima Seei Tofi

To Officer B.Moody,

Where to start I try writing you this letter the day I seen this site its hard for me  and just like the day my husband told me that you were on the TV as he was telling me my heart drop starting praying for you to be okay cause this world will be a very dark place with out you in it.When I met you four years ago i was a very angery person and for along time thats all I know before you got out of your police car I didn't know that you will be the one to change me a skinning white man a cop no less you ask did you use a weapon when I beat up the lady I told you no just my hands you ask what are you I answer I'm Samoan you laugh and walk me to the other side then you said you have too much anger in you girl life is too short to be that angery what happen after that I will never forget cause you didn't know me but you were kind,helpfull,compassion,you were not just a cop to me you became a good friend we see you and just have a good old bowwow you came by with you K9 like you didn't arrest me so you see you were the kind of cop,person,man,friend that most people dream to be their hold  life time but not there and you know what they say every good man is a good woman bahind it so I thank your mom for raising a son every mother in this world dream to have ,that will help anyone not because of what you do for a living but the kind of person you were inside everyone is equal in your eyes ,from your mom to your wife thank you fro sharing him with us all he was an angle from up above and god knew that, the only reward for the kind of person he was is wings so god call him and he answer just like always...My prayers always to the family and your wife an babies REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND mahalo,mahalo bra you will live on ..


Jen Moody~Brad's sister


  Where do I start big bro? I have put this off since the day I heard of this memorial page. I miss you so much already and it has not even been 3 weeks. I know you and I have had our ups and downs as brothers and sisters do, but I never wanted you to leave my life without you knowing how much I loved you.So being that you are not here physically I guess I have to tell you by writing it. But i know you hear me everyday when I pray and talk to you up there.

  Brad you took such good care of me growing up...and I will never forget that. We had so much fun making huge forts, bungy jumping from the mom and dads staircase, to playing micro machines (and we always had to play cops and robbers.)

As we got older sometimes we grew apart but we always managed to bring our relationship back together. I enjoyed going on all the ride alongs with you and talking about my new job at the prison. It was something we truely enjoyed talking about together. I will miss every second of it.

  Bro as for your family....they will be taken care of. I promise to never leave Susan's side as her sister-in-law. I told Susan she will always be a she is stuck with us =)  Your girls WILL know who their daddy was. You were such a hero Brad. So many people adored you. You left footprints on everyone's hearts.

  Look over all of us Brad. Dad needs your strength, as so do all of us, to get through this rough time. I don't think anyone can express how much we all miss you and wish you could have been around to see your girls grow up, spend many years with Susan, see me get married, and enjoy life.

  I know we will see eachother again someday. So until then Brad... I love you and you will never be forgotten. We all miss you so much.


                               Love your baby sister,



For Susan, Madison & Emma
I left this life on a drizzly autumn day,
Leaving everyone back by the bay.
No comforting words can take the pain,
Just know my love, we’ll meet a-gain.
When you feel the warm wind against your face,
It’s my arms holding you in a warm embrace.
When you feel the sun kiss your skin with love,
It’s my lips giving you kisses from up above.
Do you see the flashing star in the sky?
To my girls, it’s Daddy, waving hi.
When you feel the beat of your heart,
Its my message to you we’re not apart.
Hold on tight to the ones we love

I’m waiting for you all on the wing of a dove.

Author: Melinda (Breeding) Anderson

An Old Friend

I don't know what to say.  I came across the news today and am absolutely heartbroken.  Brad could light up the world just by flashing a smile and those dimples, now the world is quite a bit darker without him in it.


My heart goes out to his wonderful family, who were always so kind to me.  Susan, I have never met you but you and the girls will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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