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Bradley Moody
Born in Hawaii
29 years
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Pablo Cooper


since Saturday I have been trying to make sense of this but there is an awkward void that I can't fill... I will never forget when I first came to RPD and started working the streets. There was this constant question guys on the street would asked me that I could not answer, "Where's Moody?" Since I was new and didn't even know who "Moody" was I would tell them "He's not working today". After repeated questions I finally looked to my trainer for the answer. He told me "Moody" worked weekends, but was on vacation. The questions kept coming and got to the point where I envisioned Moody in my mind as this "Big Cop" and I wanted to meet him. Finally I met you and I thought, this skinny guy is the guy everyone kept asking me about, there's got to be something else, maybe he's a PAL officer.

But then I was released from training and started working the weekends and the name "Moody" transferred to "K27". "K27" was enroute to all the hot details and the creater of many hot details with the words, "I got one running.... " I knew right away Moody/K27 was a guy I wanted to work with. He was a "Real Cop". Then I got to work on the same team with you and even though I worked the hill the fun began. The car chases, the searches, the AM/PM talks, the meals... and the team BBQ's....And to top it all off you were a SWAT team member too...Since I became a cop I wanted to be on the SWAT team. You ecouraged me to try out for the team...I said I would and finally did. I made it...After working, training and doing entries with you I realized you were a "Big Cop", hard working, positive in diversity, stubborn and devoted you would do anything for your team...Because of you we no longer have to drive in a seventies van or a converted bread truck...We have a Real tactical vehicle! I'm going to miss you grabbing my shoulder saying, "What's up Coop" with your trademark smile and nodding of your head. It always gave me comfort...I'm sorry I missed playing paintball with you...I said I would but didn't. I saw you called...My last coversation with you had to be me asking You, how was Paintball? You replied,"It was good" with a smile...Who showed up? "mostly guys you don't know" Alright, be safe....

I'm going to miss you Bro!!!

Robert Byrne

Dear Brad,

I think some of the best memories about you and the family all have to do with our crazy Easter celebrations. I always think about the Peep Eating contest when it comes to Easter.  You took my title this year but next year I will try my hardest to win it for you bro.

The sunday before the incident I also had the pleasure of playing paintball with you and some of your buddies. Our first game didnt go to well but we improved a little bit as the day went on I guess you could say. You were the loudest one out there that's for sure. East side! West side! I laughed a little when I heard you because I was thinking this is only paintball but then I realized that its the cop mentatlity.

Brad you have two beautiful daughters and I have been over to my sisters to help her out and Ive got to say that they are angels. Maddys personality reflects you a lot.

I love you and you will be missed.



Todd Kaiser

Hey dude,

It's Thursday now and I still can't believe I won't see you at work tomorrow.  I want to let you know how honored I have been to be able to be at your families beck and call.  I have been lucky enough to drive them around to where ever they need to go.  I know you know this but Joe and Dave have been placed on my short list of people that I have a huge amount of respect for the way they have been taking care of your family.  Dude, that pumpkin outfit they put on Ricco it brought out a well needed gut wrenching laugh.  I also wanted to thank you for getting my first u-tube appearance.  That was fun pulling that crook through the sheetrock from the attic, and can you believe they thought we were kicking him on the ground in the front yard while they were filming us.  I will keep you updated brother.  "3L6 to K27 channel 2"  "K27 on 2"  "98?" "Name it" "Heaven" "K27 97"  "3L6 49"  I miss you dude.

The Tremains


I only know you through your ever proud brother Jamie-James. I have read all of the stories that people that have known you have written and you truly were the person, husband, father, brother, friend and cop your brother has always told me that you were. I saw him today and he told me how proud of you he is. Brad I wish I had the honor of knowing you. I have had the honor of meeting you parents and know they must be missing you terribly because I know your big brother is.

I, like so many others who have written to you have said, know you are now watching over us down here on earth from heaven.

You truly do have that "moodster" smile and my husband and I wish peace of heart to your family.

Rest in Peace  

The Tremains

Chris Llamas

Bradley 2 Beer Moody, I've always looked up to you like my older brother since I got here.  I know I bugged the shit outta you during the 4 ride alongs with you before I was hired, but I was eager to learn and you filled that roll, prior to and after.  Thank you man for the knowledge, the hunts, the fights, the chases, the finds, the guns, the are one of the legends.


4th of July, 2005...Dixon Fire was staged around the corner of your house, blacked out, and turned the corner just as that "fire cracker" went off.  Man that was hillarious seeing Brad with that classic "oh shit" look and run off.  His laugh was loud and contagious.  He peeked outside of his own living room window as the truck drove off and had that goofy smirk on his face.  Brad ran like a giraffe and had the stride of a grey hound. 


You had the most dedication I've ever seen to your family and to this PD.  Even through all the b.s. and politics, you were always the one somebody could roll with and hit the corners or bullshit at AMPM. 


I can still hear you yelling, "Clear The Air!"  You're truly 1 of 300.  I will miss you brother. 

Marla Mandell
When I asked Aaron if I could go on a ride along and see what he does he gladly set me up to ride with a guy named "MOODY". He said MOODY would take good care of me and I would have a lot of fun. What fun I had.:) We spent the early afternoon looking for a stolen vehicle and when we found it I was really excited. How calm he was drawing his weapon behind the car door. I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest. We went to Denny's for dinner (that was delicious):) and then call to call all night. I remember this one guy we caught was rapping in the back seat about just being arrested I was trying to keep a straight face. It brings a smile to my face telling this story, it felt nice for a change. Honestly I break down every now and then and my heart aches for your family and friends. Aaron always spoke so highly of you, what a smart, respected Police Officer you were. You are missed deeply...
Susan Moody
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the thoughts and comments. Losing my husband is the hardest thing I have had to deal with. I feel completely dead inside right now. My worst nightmare has come true and telling my daughters was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. Emma didn't understand much of anything I was saying, so I sat Madison beside me and hugged her for as long as I could. I handed her a picture of her Daddy and told her I had to talk to her about something important. I told her that her Daddy had been in a car accident on the way to help out his partners and that he had a bo bo on his head. The doctors put a band aid on to try and fix it but they were unable to make him feel better. I said that Daddy would not be coming home but he will always be in her heart and that if she ever wanted to talk to him, he will be there for the rest of her life. I then told her to remember her Curious George show where the monkey goes out and counts all the stars in the sky and I told her that whenever she wants to talk to her Daddy we could go outside and look up at his star. I am not really sure how much she understood- how can she? I can’t even understand. I don't know how I will live without him but if there is one thing that Brad has left me it is his strength to help me raise our daughters.

The nurses told me today that the last thing to go is your sense of hearing, as I was saying goodbye to him I told him today that if our girls grow up to be half as strong as he is I will feel that I have accomplished my role as a mom. During the time of me saying goodbye to him, I had a lot of emotions; I begged him to come back to me, I begged him not to leave me and I yelled at him for taking away our future together. Bradley was my whole world and in a matter of seconds my life was turned upside down.

These past two days have been the worst days of my whole entire life. I know these memories will fade but every time I close my eyes I see him and all I see is him lying in bed dying, I know eventually those images will fade and I will close my eyes and think of the good times.

I don't know what I would do without my family, friends and the Richmond Police Department. They are my rock and the things that will help me get through this. I can't thank them enough for all they have done, I am more than gracious to all of them. I also want to thank my Brother and Courtney for taking care of my daughters so that I can grieve for the next couple days.

The funeral arrangements are being planned and I will try to inform everyone about the day, time and location.

My heart breaks with Brad's family as well. Not only have I lost my husband but they have lost their son and brother.

Brad was an honorable man and he died doing what he loved. As much as that doesn’t make any sense to me now because I lost him, I one day will understand. He saved lives every day in his job and I have decided to donate his organs so that he can continue to save lives. I have one last chance to say goodbye before they operate which will be late Monday or Early Tuesday. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with me and my daughters for the next couple of days.

Brad’s canine partner Rico survived the crash with just a small scratch on his nose. Instead of giving him to another handler, the Richmond Police Department has been kind enough to let me keep him. Even after the crash Rico tried to protect his Daddy and was with him during his last moments of life. That is why I am so grateful that I will get to keep him- this way I will always have a part of Brad and his work, which he loved so much.

Thanks again for all of your love and support. I am going to need everyone’s help to get through this.

I miss you Bradley.......more than you could ever imagine.
Rest in peace baby!!!!!!
mikayla long
we will all miss you god bless you and thank you for serving the world and saving lives
Alex Caine
   Brad, I only knew you for three short years but I learned so much from you. The first time I came to K9 training you welcomed me. I soon had the fever and wanted a dog more than anything. When everyone told me that they would never give a dog to a “rook” on probation, you told me believe in myself and the rest will take care of itself. When I first got back from basic school you treated me like a veteran even though I was a baby cop with a dog. You taught me to trust my dog, and stop trying to out think him. You were never too busy to give advise or tell a funny story. 
Your work ethic was unbelievable, your dedication and the enthusiasm you had for life will be what I remember most about you. Your time on earth was too short and I can only believe that God had a more important plan for you.     
I never had the privilege to meet your children but I am confident they will live life with the same enthusiasm you did. I know you’re looking down from heaven and you should know there are so many people that will look after them and tell them about the man you were.
You may be gone but your spirit will live on in all of us. Until I see you again, Rest in peace my brother, Your work here is done.   
K77 and the San Pablo K9 unit.   
Kris Palma


I've have had the honor of getting to be your friend and partner for the past 2 1/2 years. I got too see you from a different view unlike some of the crafty vets that knew you and trained you. I got the opportunity to learn from you as a new officer. You gave me the nickname Mama Palma and I returned the favor with Moodylious. I expressed my desire to become a K-9 handler and you had nothing but positive feedback for me. You and Joe had no problem taking me under your wing and braking me in at K-9 training. Little did I know that Rico was the size of a small horse and could bite threw the protective suit. Needless to say a few bruises and a new pair of jeans later I was hooked.


We had an unspoken agreement that I would find you your first bite on the Hill. I did and it was a good one. You were always quick to answer up when I needed cover and I was quick do the same for you.


I'll never forget the time we were doing a K-9 demo at an elementary school and you had me hide the toy gun in the kids' pumpkin patch. You took Rico out and told him to find it. After Rico circled the gun a few times he suddenly stopped and took a Rico size dump next to it. Before I could say anything you yelled out, "Change of behavior, that counts as an alert" with that goofy grin on your face.


You had a big heart and liked to show it. You and Susan had no problem opening up your home to us. I know Brownlee was surprised when we showed up to your house for lunch and you had planned him a surprise going away BBQ. I will never forget the times we had together on and off duty.


Brad I always use to joke with you when I told you were my hero. The thing I never told you was that I wasn't joking. As I try to fight back my tears, I want you to know I always looked up to you and you were like a brother to me. Looking after me and sticking up for me. I would like to tell you I'm going to try to follow in your footsteps, but I don't thing anyone could fill your big shoes. I can only hope to walk along side them and two steps back.


I love you Moodylious and miss you everyday.

Karla Friscia


     You were someone I have always held dear to my heart since I was a little girl at Golden West. When I heard about your accident the first thing I did was run back to my shoebox of notes that I've kept from my old friends...I remember running around Foxboro with you and the boys getting into mischief during those long Vacaville summers. I remember trying to beat you at wrestling in your parents living room week after week and getting in trouble for knocking stuff over and upsetting the dog. Cheering for you on the football field, shennanigans at birthday parties, hanging out with your little sister: "my cute lil clove of garlic..." (you were the best big brother I ever met." As we got older the fun didn't stop. I remember sleeping on the floor at the apartment in Berkley when I had too much to drink at the club. You trying to introduce me to your cop buddies because you always wanted to see me with a good man. I have so many good memories of those dimples and that laugh and I know the angels can't help but smile to get to see them now. 

       I know we've lost touch since I've moved away but you were a brother I never had for so long. You always made me feel better when I was down, were there to pick me up when I fell and I always felt protected when I was with you. You were an amazing man, an amazing police officer and I feel safe knowing at night when I'm walking alone you'll be watching over me...


With all my heart B, I love you. My deepest condolences to your beautiful wife and family...



Dan Wellhausen


I have been reading these stories and tributes for about an hour now and took interest in the story told by Chris...I remember another such fire extinguisher incident on a rainy swingshift.  It's apparent that you had the hook up at RFD, as the rest of us were on "empty" that night!  Your quick wit and sneaky disposition always seemed to lend you the upper hand in our little pranks.  There were a few of us that during a period of time had to look behind us at work, in the locker room, and even on the way home! of my favorite laughs was when you and Dave started (and yes, you guys did start it!) the whole "locker" tampering at the old PD building.  There were multiple incidents, to include the glueing of the MANY pennies on the front of my locker, to the "re-organizing" of my locker (...only cuz you knew i had OCD).  My fingers bled the rest of the shift from scraping those pennies off.  Things got so bad that we all purchased additional padlocks for our lockers.  Well one night I acquired two tubes of Super for your padlock and the other for your partner's locker.  As we neared the end of shift, you had a late detail and I actually had to stay late (for free too!) if I wanted to see your reaction.  You in fact did come in late and I started to feel bad, thinking you would be upset that you were already late and now had to deal with this.  You did not see me when you came up and realized that your locker could not be opened.  You just turned around and left down the stairs for the North lot...I didn't know where you had went until you returned a couple of minutes later with the bolt cutters! Even after being late to the locker room, you still had that big ass Moody grin on your face as you cut the padlock off of your locker...that was definitely some funny shit Brother!!!!!  Brad, I have many other stories that guaranteed will be told to Susan and your lil ones at home....your lil girls will in fact know how you started everything brother...ha

...and I will always remember your constant "dance moves" and "one-fingered" waves to me as we would finish covering you on details from the helicopter....

You will never get the ride in the helicopter that I promised you, but on the nights that we fly, I will feel that much safer being that much closer to you bro.

Brad was a true Cop's Cop, a devoted partner to Rico, and a true hero to Susan and the girls.  I love you BROTHER and miss you like hell....

Joanna Grivetti


  When do we begin to understand?  Understand and comprehend why something so sad happened to someone so great?  I do not know if we ever will.  I remember back in Oct 01 when I was cut loose and came to Jr Swings…there you were, glad you were no longer the junior man!!!  You and I worked the triangle for a few weeks together until I went across town to the annex.  You called me “Muppet” because I did a mean Grover and Kermit the Frog impression.  Remember when I talked to that guy at 4th/Mac for 5 minutes as Grover…you were laughing so damn hard you had cramps.  You were amazed that I did not break face when he asked me if I was on drugs!!!


  Quickly, I could see your drive and passion for crime fighting.  You were guided by great officers…you developed lasting friendships with several of them.  I watched you grow…making a name for yourself in the PD as a go-getter and hard worker.  You were so eager to learn from the best….and learn you did.  You became the best…commendation after commendation your abilities respected and revered by many.  You inspired new officers and challenged veterans.  Brad Moody you are one of a kind.


   Patrol teams 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and sharing 2008, you were there for me.  You were so supportive of my transition and excitement of being an evidence tech.  In fact, you have told me several times you appreciated having me on your calls because you knew my work was good.  Many a time we would sit together at the DA’s office waiting to testify.  It was many times just the two of us.  We would get frustrated when 20 people would be there and everyone could go home but us…how many times did we hear “I just need Moody and Grivetti…everyone else can go home?”  I am your official favorite CSI…I know this because you told me so…on more than one occasion when I would have to do things that were not most pleasant…do I need to remind you of the fecal swab incident???


  I have so many stories from over the years that I cannot wait to share with your family and one day with your daughters.  I heard today that the gift of your donated organs helped save someone’s life.  You continue to make a difference although you are no longer with us.  Thank you for letting me capture so many special moments in your police career.  The photos I have of you (and especially the ones with you) mean the world to me and I will lovingly cherish them…You will be greatly missed.  I know you will be watching over me.

Rose Valenzuela

I write this with a saddened heart, because I miss my friend...


Bradley Alan,

Where do I begin...there are so many memories to recall...they all make me smile when I think of the times we shared and I now wonder how quickly the years have passed by. 

We had an undeniable connection from the start of our relationship...from our first encounter at Center causing havoc in the classroom and on the playground, having folks squeeze our cheeks constantly because we had dimples, when both you and Matt F. taught me how to play tetherball 'like a boy' to win the school wide Golden West when we all had frequent outings to the base movie theater and bowling alley, when we ruled the school council, you as President and me as Vice Vanden when we were crowned Freshman Prince and Princess of basketball homecoming and the occasional mishaps in class when we would laugh too loudly and get witnessing your 'I do' to your lovely wife Susan, with all your friends and family in awe of your love and happiness.  We shared intimate moments disclosing our dreams, aspirations, fears and hopes about life and the future.  We were able to discuss any topic, no subject off limits...

I'm so proud of the man you've become...a decorated police officer, a devoted husband, an understanding father and a genuine friend, brother and son.  I will miss your wit, charm, humor and passion...I love you Bradley Alan and will miss you will remain, always in our hearts...

Susan - you are the lady of Bradley's are his life partner, the mother of his children, the calm after a treacherous day in the field.  Know that your husband, the father of your two beautiful girls is loved and will be remembered fondly by all the folks lucky enough to have met him.  He touched many lives and has left a lasting impression on the world.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the entire family.  Always know, you have a friend in me... 

Chris Decious

Brad, you were a great cop but you definitely weren’t all work and no play.  Tricks, practical jokes, and general mischief were always present during the several years we worked together.  I know you'll remember this story… 


One night while we were working swing shift together, five or six of us were parked side by side in a vacant parking lot close to the end of our shift.  We were all yelling back and forth during the bullshit session in an effort to get “mentally prepared” to go home.  Brad and his partner, Domingo, were two or three cars to my left.  I had an unopened bag of Ritz crackers with me and I wasn’t very hungry.  I started throwing the crackers one by one over the cars between us and into Brad’s open window.  The crackers repeatedly landed on the center console of Brad’s car and the crumbs exploded all over Brad’s and Domingo’s laps.  Brad tried to throw things back at me but nothing was as effective as the crackers.  I kept throwing the crackers until they were almost gone.  I watched Brad drive his car forward a few feet, stop, and then exit.  He opened the trunk and grabbed the fire extinguisher.  Luckily for me I saw what was coming so I rolled up all of my windows in time.  The other four or so officers weren’t involved in our “war” so they didn’t even see what was about to hit them.  Brad pointed the fire extinguisher at the front of my car, pushed down the lever, and proceeded to empty the extinguisher’s contents.  The powder covered the entire front half of my car and also blew into the open windows of all of the other cars.  The powder covered those guys with the powder.  I laughed until my stomach cramped and tears rolled down my face.  I used the wipers to clear my white, powder coated windshield and saw Brad laughing hysterically, still standing in front of my car.  Even the other guys found it funny after the initial shock.  

This is one of countless stories I could share.  Brad was a great cop and a devoted husband and father.  I will truly miss him. 

Kelly Sheets
When I learned of the accident, I could see your face - the face of a cute, dimpled guy in high school who was always happy. High school was the last time I saw you. Learning that you, since then, had used your life to protect others made me proud to have known you. My thoughts rest with you and your family.  
Sid Hubbs

Blue skies and fair seas forever, brother.

Sid Hubbs
El Cerrito PD
Melinda (Breeding) Anderson

Where to begin?  I was not blessed to have you in my life for many years.  I was blessed enough to have known you though.  Some of the best memories as a kid had you in them.  After lunch recess playing kickball.  Sitting on the concrete wall just talking...mostly about Beth..  I know she broke your heart.  You always put a smile on my face.  Who couldn't smile looking at those HUGE dimples?  You were always curious about my siblings and always said hello to them when you came over.  I remember riding bikes around just aimlessly wondering.  We were so innocent.  Living on Travis AFB we never knew about the "big bad world" outside those gate.  Thank you for gracing my life.


Reading all the messages, you were truly loved.  Keep smiling down upon us with that huge "Moody" smile.  Those dimples will never be forgotten old friend. 

Mary Hickey
I don't know you personally, however heard of this tragedy and so wanted to extend my condolences to your family and friends and K-9 team. By your photos alone, I can tell what a special person you are, and I know God has gained a great soldier in Heaven for His purposes. I pray for you and yours for comfort that only God can give us. Your family shall always be proud of you.
Tim Scarrott
Brad, I'll never forget out humble beginnings as cadets together at Solano Community College.  Remember all the parking citations we wrote and driving the little golf cart around campus?  Those were the greatest days, so little responsibility in comparison to 'real life'.  We were on top of the world, working hard and hoping we'd get our chance to be Police Officers.  Remember when Larry made you wear the bunny costume because you were the tallest cadet?  He wanted the kids to have the biggest bunny - nobody wanted to wear that thing and you got stuck with it!  I'm sure that someone has a photo of that somewhere.  I don't remember the last time I saw you and like everything else in life, we wish we'd have made the time when we had it.  I would have loved to have a beer with you, share some stories and part ways - until next time.  The world is alot less without you and I know you will watch over us all, until we meet again.
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